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100% Raw Green Propolis from Brazil – high quality export grade

This kind of raw green propolis is taken as the one with the highest quality standards, standing at the top amongst all other forms of raw propolis.

It brings carefully chosen honeycoms of green propolis on its raw form, exactly the way they have been scrapped from bee hives.

The raw propolis is classified according to a quality level (impurities, 100% green or not, agrotoxics-free regions, size of honeycombs, etc) and can be separated in 1st, 2nd and 3rd tiers, so be careful with other options being offered around. This option of products, on top of being a 100% raw green propolis, is considered a 1st tier product and supplies raw propolis to very exacting customers who seek high standards, in countries like Japan, China and Germany.

Note: this raw propolis option is 100% green. It is produced exclusively by using “alecrim-do-campo”, a species fo Rosemary typical from Brazil. You can find other options elsewhere which are not 100% green!

As we already provide Brazilian high quality bee products, we chose offering the 1st tier raw green propolis as well, having the world’s best quality propolis in our shop, either it is raw or industrialized. We always prioritize the quality and your satisfaction indeed!

In Brazil, there are several companies producing propolis, but only a few use 1st tier raw green propolis, and this raw green propolis is commonly used just for making export grades of propolis.

We offer the raw green propolis in a number of packaging sizes, so look for those that meet your needs accordingly.

If you are looking for larger volumes and cannot find the much you need, please be in touch and we can check availability and pricing.

Also, be aware about other options of propolis we offer in our shop, some excellent options of green propolis, raw propolis, traditional propolis extract in capsules, all of them from Brazil’s top producers, and export graded! Before buying any green propolis, check our promotions and compare!

Please contact us for any further information!
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Brazilian raw propolis, 100% Green propolis 100g = 3,53oz
Brazilian raw propolis, 100% Green propolis 100g = 3,53oz
Price: $39.90

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Brazilian raw propolis, 100% Green propolis  (certificate) 1kg = 35,27oz
Brazilian raw propolis, 100% Green propolis (certificate) 1kg = 35,27oz
Price: $285.00

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