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Green Propolis, A Brazilian treasure!

The Green Propolis is made by bees from “Alecrim-do-Campo” bushes, a distant relative from the rosemary, a species which is commonly considered and invader in several Brazilian regions.

The green propolis is only produced within Minas Gerais’ “Zona da Mata”,a temperate forest typical in Brazil, the eastern area of São Paulo state, northern Paraná and some mountain ranged areas in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo states. It is also known as “Alecrim-do-Campo” propolis, a typical Brazilian product.

Highly effective against several microorganisms, the green propolis is a natural antibiotic, extremely well-valued elsewhere, especially in Japan, where it boosts a $700mn per year market. (NASCIMENTO, 2005)

Besides its antibacterian, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties, some researches indicate the green propolis as an efficient treatment for tumors, fighting cancer cells (LUO et al., 1971 e ORSOLIC, 2006), thanks to a fenolic substance with high concentrations in that kind of propolis – the artepelin-C. The green propolis is considered by specialists the most powerful variety of such bee product, amid those which are natural.

The use of the green propolis as dietary supplement allows the strenghtening of the imune system, acting on preventing and treating diseases like flus, ear and throat inflammations, fungus infections such as candidiasis, stomatitis, gengivitis and hemorrhoids, and it can even be rubbed into the infected areas. Administered as mouthwash, it prevents bacterial proliferations that cause caries, teeth decay and bad breath. Used for serious burns, it may accelerate the renovation of cells and tissues and cicatrization.

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As a natural product, the green propolis has the benefits of an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory and an efficient anti-fungal, acting on preventive healthcare for several diseases and conditions. Japan is one of the countries that researches and promotes the most the Brazilian green propolis exports, with the product being widely used by the people both for feeding and healthcare.

The healing and prophylactic potential of the green propolis is becoming more and more evident with several researches around the world, including Brazil. Because of that, this excellent natural product has been widely demanded internationally, heating up the Brazilian export market. No doubt it’s one of our largest natural riches on feeding and healthcare.