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Propolis extract and bee pollen extract blend 30ml/ 1FL.oz. Pon Lee
Propolis extract and bee pollen extract blend 30ml/ 1FL.oz. Pon Lee

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Green propolis concentrate with pollen extract

The green propolis combines a powerful antioxydant activity and dioxin extraction, as well as prevents the initial cell degeneration process, and acts against tumor cells and also performs an intense effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacterias.

The pollen of a flower is the plant’s male gamete, rich and abundant in aminoacids, flavonoids, terpenoids, carotenoids, fat-soluble vitamins and minerals like zinc and selenium, which perform a proven protective action. The pollen is rich in hormones and enzyms which have a positive effect on the prostate.

Many researches and tests proved the pollen extract has a prophylactic effect on adenoma treatment and also prostate inflammations. The pollen is rich in hormones and enzyms which act on the prostate. It’s known the vegetable hormones have no side effect and have the surprisingly property of regulate the endocrinous glands.

The combination of the green propolis concentrate with the pollen extract, besides preventing prostate tumors, offers all benefits of the green propolis, in consonance with the pollen suplementary benefits. The pollen is a product with high synergic harmony, and also a nutriment with noble characteristics, once it has all kinds of vitamins altogether (A and B complexes, C, D, E and P) as well as some minerals.

You can either use the pollen daily, separately from the propolis, or use this option supplied by Pon Lee, with those two products in a same bottle, a more practical way. The propolis concentrate used in this product is a green propolis, and its maceration process is a key differential aspect. The pollen is completely free of any impurities.

This product has exclusive features on its quality standards:

Solid extracts from 16% to 29%
No industrial processes
Pon Lee’s export quality
100% green propolis
Artepillin C source
Woodland bee pollen used
One-year ageing process
Rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds
Contains beta carotene
Bottle with dropper
Extra-neutral alcohol