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Buy propolis and natural products

Buy propolis and natural products is not every time an easy task – like many other cathegories of natural products, there are products and “products”. Forgery and adulteration are all around, even while buy propolis and other bee products, with sales people who are not concerned with quality of the products or the customers’ health.

By the end of the day, there are serious or opportunistic people, aren’t there One way to avoid such situation is to keep yourself informed and updated.

The main care to buy propolis and other bee products is to check the product’s origin. Before buy bee products like propolis, honey, pollen or royal jelly, check whether the product has any kind of registration or not (SIF,SISP, SIM or any other info regarding the dismissal of further registrations). Such information has to be described on the labels of any animal product, and provides you a guarantee it has been properly monitored about its quality, procedence, best practices of production, etc.

Products with no registration are constantly invigilated by the government by means of assuring quality and origin. As you can see, buy propolis andor bee products requires some care, and sometimes those which are cheaper prove to be really “expensive” – health is not something to put in risk...

Some situations tend to be common, you have probably experienced some or know someone who has been passed through “a friend sent me a litter of honey from a farm”. Nothing to declare on the “friend who sent honey from a farm” – the problem is not your friend at all, but simply the origins and sanitary standards that product faced while being bottled, who did it and how. Have you ever thought about “who” put that honey in a bottle, and perhaps about the health standards that have been followed or “if they have been” Think about it!!

We always look for the quality on products we offer, as well as you satisfaction! Here you can buy propolis and other bee products with high quality without being concerned on origins and standards...