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Sunyata Green Propolis 16,9 FL.OZ. 500ml
Sunyata Green Propolis 16,9 FL.OZ. 500ml

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Sunyata Green Propolis 16,9 FL.OZ 500ml - Export grade

The Sunyata green propolis has a superior quality if compared to other options of green propolis. Its maceration time is longer than the others, which makes it a green propolis extract with unique quality standards, due to the volume of phenolic compounds and Artepelin C.

Sunyata produces the green propolis extract with selected raw materials (raw green propolis), which makes the product extremely desired in countries like Japan, China and Germany. Its quality standards meet 100% the quality required by several countries, and makes it one of the most respected and consumed brands of green propolis in the whole world.

The green propolis is sourced from the Alecrim-do-Campo species, and offers a number of differentials if compared to the traditional wild propolis. In Brazil, the green propolis is widely used as treatment and prevention for tumors, and also used to reinforce the imune system action.

Patients who used the green propolis before or during radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments had excellent results against several adverse reactions of those routines. The green propolis is an excellent help on treatments in which the patients normally degenerate as a result of the attack against the imune system.

The Sunyata green propolis extracts are ellaborated from the best raw materials found in Brazil, harvested in specific regions and seasons, with particular characteristics and bouquets of irreplaceable quality.

The Sunyata green propolis passes through a 1-year ageing process, which increases the effect and presence of sutil substances, resulting in a more efficient, dense and unique quality of product.

Natural Production
Products are not industrialized or sinthesized during the production process.

Raw materials
The green propolis is harvested in regions which are unfavorable for plantation, which avoids any presence of agrotoxics.

Ageing and maceration
Ageing: about one year.
Maceration: 43% to 46% levels of raw materials concentrate

Total solids of extracts
From 16% to 29%. (Maximum percentage reached for natural maceration, with no industrial process involved)

As it is a green propolis extract concentrate, it is important to dilute the product in water, milk or juices
Adults: between 15 and 20 drops, three times a day
Children: between 5 na 10 drops, twice a day