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Sunyata Green Propolis Extract GOLDEN 30 ml
Sunyata propolis

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Sunyata Green Propolis Extract GOLDEN 30ml/1fl.Oz

The use of green propolis as a food supplement allows strengthening the immune system, acting in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as colds, sore throats and ear fungal infections like candidiasis and thrush lesions such as stomatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis and hemorrhoids, and may be applied directly on the compromised sites.

Green propolis administered as mouthwash , prevents the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. In the treatment of severe burns , can accelerate the process of cell renewal and healing.

As a natural product, green propolis brings the benefits of an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, affordable and efficient, working in the prophylaxis of various diseases. Japan is one of the countries that more research and promotes the export of brazilian green propolis, being highly used and referenced by the Japanese population on food and health.

Prophylactic and curative potential of green propolis is increasingly evident in several studies around the world, including Brazil. For this reason, this excellent natural product has been very internationally asked, moving the Brazilian export market. It is certainly one of our greatest natural resources in the area of health and nutrition.

Top quality Sunyata

Sunyata Propolis Extracts are prepared with the best raw materials found in Brazil. Such raw materials are collected in special areas and times and have exclusive characteristics and aroma of remarkable quality.

Sunyata Propolis Extracts undergo a maturation process for approximately one year, thus enhancing their subtle substances, which results in a more effective and thicker extract of unique quality.

Key features of green propolis Sunyata

Limited Production
Propolis "Premium" 100% Green.
The best of Brazilian Green Propolis.
Approximate maturity of 1 year.
Concentration in Maceration: 43 to 45%.
Maximum concentration for natural maceration .
Rich in Flavonoids and Phenolic Substances.
High concentration of C Artepillin.
Extra Neutral Alcohol.
Packaged in a drop bottle.