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Brazilian propolis extract: natural antibiotic

Propolis is a complex substance collected by worker bees, processed and deposited in the hive with the sealing function and mechanical and biological protection.

Its name is derived from the Greek pro - which simply means "in defense" and polis - community. Extracted and processed in the form of propolis extract contains vitamins, minerals, phenolics, fatty acids and 5% pollen.
Propolis is used in folk medicine since 300 BC, and its use was widespread in the late nineteenth century, during World War II, when it was used as healing in several hospitals caring for wounded warfare. Only in the mid-80s, propolis has become important in alternative medicine, being discovered and studied by Japan, which today is the largest importer of propolis and has Brazil as propolis extract production reference.

The proven benefits of propolis extract featuring a very effective and affordable therapeutic alternative. Its phenolic compounds and flavonoids give it action as a natural antibiotic, acting as a portente anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal especially natural. Strengthening the immune system, it also becomes a powerful natural antiviral, fighting the flu virus and herpes, and prevent the onset of colds, pneumonia and respiratory diseases.
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