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Nasal Propolis Alcohol Free

Nasal Propolis is a great treatment option for common colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, and is an excellent nasal decongestant. Propolis Nasal is a 100% natural and very effective as an alternative treatment in diseases where treatment with conventional antibiotics no longer promote the expected result

The Propolis Nasal options vary in application (application in nasal sprays and drops) and concentration of propolis. Propolis Nasal Veromed, available in our shop at 2 options: Drops and Spray. Much sought after and many satisfied customers is a product of great demand due to its high quality standard The Propolis is now the most effective antimicrobial against Staphylococcus. The Propolis Nasal Veromed is produced with aqueous extract of propolis from original methods within a strict technical control. Was tested qualitatively and quantitatively, keeping the propolis properties in its maximum activity. Properties Natural antimicrobial for use in common colds, sinusitis, rhinitis, nasal decongestant. Propolis has excellent antiseptic action, decongestant and regenerating the nasal mucosa.