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Brazilian Green propolis

The Green Propolis is produced by bees from the rosemary-the-field bush (Braccharis dracunculifolia), popularly known as "broom" field, plant considered invasive in several regions of Brazil.

The green propolis is produced only in Minas Gerais Forest Zone, east of São Paulo, Paraná and northern mountainous regions of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo, and it is also known as Propolis rosemary-the-field product typically Brazilian To be highly effective in combating various microorganisms, green propolis is a natural antibiotic, highly valued in other countries, especially in Japan, where moves a market seven hundred million dollars a year.(Nascimento, 2005)

In addition to its antibacterial properties, antifungal, antinflatamórias and healing, studies indicate the green propolis as an effective anti-tumor treatment, fighting cancer cells (LUO et al., 1971 and Orsolic, 2006), thanks to a phenolic compound present in large quantities in this type propolis, the Artepelin-C. The propolis is considered by experts the most powerful variation of this bee product of natural products.

The use of propolis as a food supplement allows strengthening the immune system, acting in the prevention and treatment of diseases such as colds, sore throats and ear fungal infections like candidiasis and thrush lesions such as stomatitis, tonsillitis, gingivitis and hemorrhoids, and may be applied directly on the compromised sites.

Administered as mouthwash, prevents the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and bad breath. In the treatment of severe burns, can accelerate the process of cell renewal and healing.
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Green propolis 17oz
Green bee Propolis Extract 16,9 FL.OZ 500ml Pon Lee
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Brazilian green propolis is considered the best and most efficient in the world . That's because Brazil ( world's propolis producer) presents climate and favorable environment for the bees to produce this superior propolis. more info
Pon Lee green propolis extract
Green Bee Propolis Extract 30ml/1fl. oz. Pon Lee
Price: $19.90
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Pon Lee green propolis extract is produced with 100% green propolis, high concentration of Artepillin -c, maturity of approx 1 year. To buy green propolis is an excellent choice more info
Natucentro green propolis
Green bee propolis extract HIGH concentration 30ml/1fl. oz. Natucentro
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Propolis Red and Green 30ml (New) Natucentro
Propolis Red and Green 30ml (New) Natucentro
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Sunyata propolis
Sunyata Green Propolis Extract GOLDEN 30 ml
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Limited Production more info
Propolis extract and bee pollen extract blend 30ml/ 1FL.oz. Pon Lee
Propolis extract and bee pollen extract blend 30ml/ 1FL.oz. Pon Lee
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This product has exclusive features on its quality standards: Solid extracts from 16% to 29%, No industrial processes, Pon Lee’s export quality, 100% green propolis, Artepillin C source, Woodland bee pollen used, One-year ageing process, Rich in flavonoids and phenolic compounds, Contains beta carotene, Bottle with dropper, Extra-neutral alcohol more info
Sunyata Green Propolis 16,9 FL.OZ. 500ml
Sunyata Green Propolis 16,9 FL.OZ. 500ml
Price: $139.00
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The Sunyata green propolis passes through a 1-year ageing process, which increases the effect and presence of sutil substances, resulting in a more efficient, dense and unique quality of product. more info