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Green Bee Propolis Extract 30ml/1fl. oz. Pon Lee
Pon Lee green propolis extract

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Green propolis extract Pon Lee 30ml/1fl.Oz

Green Propolis is a resinous gum produced by bees from buds, sap and plant roots, where the green propolis is produced from a unique and exclusive plant, rosemary-of-field.

Some species produce substances which are concentrated in the resins and gums which exude and are able to combat viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The bee collects these exudates with the addition of enzymes, generating green propolis, a resinous and balsamic gum complex structure in the hive is mainly used for disinfecting combs (Chauvin, 1968).

Since ancient times, propolis was used empirically by civilizations with a high degree of development as the Egyptians, Mayans, Greeks and Romans, and in recent years have been scientifically studied its various pharmacological actions that explain the proven clinical properties (Ghisalberti, 1979) .

The most important active components of green propolis are: phenolics, flavonóives, enzymes, benzoic acid derivatives, caffeic acid, and cinnamic alcohol, benzaldehyde, terpenes and essential oils (Popravko, 1975), as well as coniferaldeidos.

The major pharmacological activities of green propolis widely studied are: antibiotic (Meresta and Meresta, 1985), antiinflammatory (Dobrowolski, 1991), wound healing (Tsakoff, 1978), among other immunomodulatory (Ghisalberti, 1979) Antiviral Imnunomoduladora (R.Veronez et al ., 1988).

Brazilian green propolis extract high quality

The propolis extract is the result of a rigorous selection of the best propolis produced in Brazil

Its quality is so high that meets the most demanding international markets such as Japan, China and Germany. The noble raw material comes from the south of RS, with one year maturity time.

Presents very low concentration of wax (regarded as an impurity) and also very high concentration of bioflavonoids

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