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Melitina Bee Venom Cream 50g/1.76oz Anti-aging, Face, Skin, Care, Wrinkles, Lines
Melitina Bee Venom

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  • Facial Cream Melitina Prodapys acts on your skin, keeping it firmer, smooth and uniform. Enriched with natural ingredients that provide health, balance and beauty to the skin.

    What is Melitina Bee Venom?

    The Melittin is a polypeptide of 26 amino acids, representing for about 40% to 50% of bee venom. The Melittin presents in the apitoxin, is critical in several benefits attributed to its use. The Melittin stimulates the pituitary to release ACTH, which stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, responsible for natural anti-inflammatory response of our body.

    The benefit of Melitina Bee Venom Facial Cream

    The Melittin also aids our bodies in natural anti-inflammatory responses, also has cosmetic effect, we explain better ...

    Functions as if the venom deceive the skin causing the body to understand that the person was bitten. The result is stimulation of blood circulation in the skin, increasing the production of collagen improving elasticity and cell renewal.

    Fantastic isn´t it? And the best, it is natural!

    Some polypeptides of the apitoxin, melittin especially, that represents about 50% of its dry weight, have more potent anti-inflammatory activity than cortisone and its derivatives, which in addition to being more powerful, it has the additional advantage of lack of side effects.

    At the last years, due to scientific evidence of its therapeutic effects, the demand has increased significantly in many countries, raising the odds of apitoxin in the international market.


    For people of all ages who want to retard or show signs of premature aging.